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A Virtual Tour of Linley House – My New Home!

Posted by on August 28, 2012

Welcome to Linley house: a beautiful traditional 18th century Georgian style townhouse that belonged to the Linley family, home to seven ASE study abroad women!


Ground Floor

Welcome to my room! Ignore the mess, enjoy the beautiful details on the wall and ceiling! Our neighbors live directly to the left of this room.

Basement Level

Surprise! There’s a classroom in our basement. But, we get to use it as a study space. And what’s that back there? Is that a patio?

Yes! It is a patio! Perhaps one day if it stops raining I will even sit out there. That is if I can figure out that glass door with three keys…

Now, let us move upstairs in the house where await more strange things such as these that are on every floor.

Second Floor

This is our lovely dining room. There is a portrait above the fireplace of Mrs. Robinson. I’m thinking we should hang portraits of Simon & Garfunkel nearby.

To the left of our dining room is our living room featuring housemate Nora (also from Arlington, VA and goes to William & Mary!).

Our view from the living room area.

To the right of the dining room is our teeny tiny one person kitchen! The ASE staff, specificially Peta who handles all the housing issues, was kind enough to stock us up on food for our arrival! There’s a second kitchen in the basement with our laundry machines. This second floor kitchen has the fridges and microwaves. The basement kitchen has the freezer and the oven/grill… Makes cooking quite the juggling act!

Third Floor

Quick shot of the third floor living areas (and fire extinguisher! We have lots of fire safety here).

Also on the third floor is our shower room. You’re probably thinking, She means bathroom, right? WRONG. This is a shower room with a sink and two showers (one electric!) and NO TOILET. Imagine my surprise when on the first day I strip down for a nice shower after a long half day journey across the ocean to pee and shower… I had to hold it… but where was that toilet???

Wait, is that a frighteningly steep set of stairs (this picture doesn’t do them justice) behind this tiny door that looks like a cupboard? I wonder where it leads…

The Top Floor

It leads to my favorite part of the house! A bathtub and a beautiful view of Bath? If only the wine and bubble bath I will be purchasing was included…

Look how lovely this city is! And this is a view from the bathroom.

This is my progression of exploring the other cupboards in the upstairs bathroom. Cool door with a key… grungy room… things on the floor… are those figurines? Indeed… What a mystery. I might have to leave my own behind on departure!


Thus concludes a basic tour of Linley house, my residence for the next 15 weeks! Cozy and quirky and I love it. Now it’s past midnight here and I’m still jetlagged, so farewell for the evening!

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  1. joe

    Emily Butler and the Case of the Creepy Figurine