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Almost One Month of Being Abroad!

Posted by on September 24, 2012

Top Eight Things About this Study Abroad Experience that Make Me All Warm and Fuzzy and Happy!

  1. The friends I have met here. It is such luck to have met some genuine friends here, rather than friends of convenience. I am very excited about the people I’ve chosen to travel with, and we’ve all had a blast exploring together and making dinners when we have nights in. We’re still trying to figure out what to call our friend-based sitcom that this photo will be the poster for! LAURA GET OUT OF MY HEAD. It’s gross when we finish each other’s sentences.
  2. ABC (Another Beautiful Church/Cathedral/Castle)
    The following picture is of Salisbury Cathedral. While sometimes it can seem exhausting to look at all these cathedrals, they really are all unique and beautiful landmarks of this country.
  3. Travelling at my finger tips! I am so grateful for the trips ASE has planned for us (Oxford, Stonehenge, Lacock, Salisbury), the ASE trips to come (Wales, Cotswalds, Statford-upon-Avon), the trips I’ve taken (Bristol), and the trips I’ve planned! I have a Dublin weekend coming up, a London weekend in November, plus I just booked for fall break today! Laura, Eliza, and I will be spending two days in Amsterdam, two days in Berlin, and one day in Prague for me and Laura before we fly back to England.
  4. Balancing my life back at home. I’ve been sending postcards and relatively regular emails to friends and family, plus I would say I’ve done a pretty stellar job keeping this here blog updated. In addition, my life once I return has not escaped my thoughts (READ: FEARS) because I have one last semester before I graduate! Eek. I am worried but trying to channel that more into excitement. I am in the process of applying for an internship with a feminist organization when I return and have been looking into post-grad opportunities. I miss you all so much but I am also so pleased that many of you have taken an interest in my abroad experience and inquired or kept up with my adventures.
  5. The partying. Let’s be real, Fredericksburg is not top-notch for anything other than tiny house parties. Bath is great to go out in and pub or club or get to know my ASE peers better. Plus, I’ve acquired a special liking for Jaeger Bombs!
  6. Not having a meal plan and being able to cook for myself, and my friends! I mentioned that delicious chicken salad I made the other day. Plus in the last few days I’ve helped make chicken curry, vegetable risotto, and potato korma to feed 4-5 of us. I’ve also discovered I’m pretty stellar at doing dishes — without a dishwasher or a garbage disposal! Parents/former roommates may not believe it, but I have become a dishes-doing master.
  7. The accents. Seriously, still a novelty. We were out the other night and a group of British men with an American with them stopped us and asked “Do you think American accents are sexy?” They were quite disappointed to discover we were, in fact, American, but it was still a blast to chat with locals!
  8. Living IN Bath. That may seem obvious, but I love wandering by myself to Sainsbury (the local grocery store) or to Boots (the drug store) to run errands and walking by the Abbey or the Masonic Temple and other gorgeous architecture. Running the canal path is still a favorite past time. It’s so great to be in this big bustling city and yet be so near the countryside (sheep everywhere!). I truly love this city.

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