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Five Things I Learned in my Tower Tour of Bath Abbey

Posted by on September 29, 2012
  1. The Bath Abbey originally held eight bells since the 1700s, but currently holds ten, two being added in 1774. Unique to only a few churches, the bells are hung counter-clockwise, in descending scale.
  2. It used to be someone’s job to keep a gas lantern lit 24 hours a day behind the clockface to keep it lit. Sounds like a lame job. It’s also one of the only Abbey clocks to face north. This is because it’s paid for by the citizens of the city, and north is where the town square is and most useful to the citizens of Bath.
  3. There are 212 stairs to get to the bell tower of the abbey — and we climbed all 212 of them! Not to mention that the stairs are steep, spiral, and dark. I can’t imagine having to climb them with a lantern in hand. But it was well worth it, because this is just one of the beautiful views we got of Bath!
  4. Here’s our tour guide! She was very lively and clearly enjoyed her job, but couldn’t help but give us sneezing/coughing/sniffling students dirty looks during her tour… whoops! This is in the bell tower itself where we got to hear them ring at half past noon. We learned that the bells all have inscriptions on them and one you can see in the back is the heaviest one of all and its says: ‘All you of Bathe that hear me sound Thank Lady Hopton’s hundred pound.’ Well, after Lady Hopton died… it was discovered she’d actually only donated five pounds!
  5. There’s even a hole in the oldest part of the abbey where you can look down into the church itself!


And here’s some bonus pictures of me, Laura, and Eliza on top of the Abbey at the end of our tower tour. Hope you enjoyed reading my mini tower tour!

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