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Fall Break Pt 3 — Prague

Posted by on November 2, 2012

Due to poor planning on our part and financial influence, Laura and I only had 24 hours in Prague but we made the most of it! Our train from Berlin to Prague (including drunk Germans at 7am for the five hour train ride) arrived around noon. After deciphering some terrible directions provided by the hostel, we began our first afternoon of sightseeing!

First things we noticed on our walk to the town square was all the BEAUTIFUL architecture. I had no idea Prague was so beautiful.

Our first landmark was the old town hall!

Coolest part — the astronomical clock on the building. HOW COOL?!

Next on our quest was the Staronova Old Synagogue. We figured it’d be a nice break from all the churches we’ve seen! No pictures allowed inside, but the history of the building was fascinating and the room was lovely!

On our search of things to see and do in Prague, Laura and I stumbled upon DOX, a contemporary art museum. Very strange, really hard to navigate, but we saw some beautiful exhibits nonetheless!

On top of the building! Very cool installation.

Laura and I lost steam pretty quickly, it being a long day after a week of travelling and decided to call it a night after a lovely dinner and a beer.

The next morning, our last day before we had to leave for the airport at noon, we got an early morning to see the palace and the castle in Prague! Unfortunately for poor tired us… it also started snowing in Prague… we were very unprepared!

First we walked across the Charles Bridge which was laden with statues across the whole of it.

Then… on to the palace! Though it was rainy and the gardens weren’t as lovely as in better weather, the building itself was so funky and beautiful!

Last stop on our Prague adventures was the GIANT castle. Fantastic views everywhere since it was up on a hill.

Soooo coooooooold.

2 Responses to Fall Break Pt 3 — Prague

  1. Reverend

    Prague is awesome, I spent about two months there in 1995 not to long after the Wall came down. There was a whole American influx, and I must say I really loved that city. I am dying to see the Kafka airport. Any Kafka sites for you?

  2. Susan

    I loved Prague! We had a great meal where Ed had a small coke that cost $1.50 (US) and I had a giant beer (3-4 times the size of the coke) that cost $.375 (US). It was gray and rainy, everything we thought a former Soviet state should be.