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Hodge Podge Update

Posted by on November 7, 2012

Adjusting to life back in Bath after a week of travelling was strange to say the least. Bath was our home we were all looking forward to resting in, but I’m still awfully homesick for America — Virginia! I came back feeling exhausted but invigorated with a passion for travelling. But of course I had a week’s worth of work I had to do all in one go plus the second round of my internship application due so I was busybusybusy! By the time the weekend came around I was more than exhausted — I was burnt out. It was a rough weekend, feeling like my time here was done and I had no motivation to seek out other opportunities. This week has shaped up much better!

Monday was Guy Fawkes Day (remember remember the fifth of November) which I didn’t hear much about other than the BOOM! of fireworks. So we stood on the bridge down the street and watched the show. Like fourth of July… but freezing in November.

Monday, we went to a free B-side rugby match of Bath versus the Harlequins. Though it was freezing — you could see the breath like a cloud from the players. I pretended they were burly dragons. The game was a blast. Bath was down by about 15 at the half and it wasn’t looking up. But they came back in the last ten minutes to score two tries and they scored the last one in the final minute and oh my goodness gracious I miss playing SO much. I don’t miss the dynamic of the team at UMW and I don’t miss the constant worry about re-breaking my collarbone, but the sport itself? So intense, so dynamic, so great! Plus, it was a nice way to get out of the house, into the Bath community, and reconnect with some of my ASE peers. Note: don’t get the hot chocolate. It was watery milk with a hint of cocoa.

Today is the wee hours of Wednesday morning and the whole house has ELECTION FEVER. Right now I am STRESSED OUT — surprise I’m rooting for Obama. If Romney wins I will be wearing all black in mourning tomorrow. This all nighter is going to be rough, but it’s been nice house bonding. I got American colored drinks, we got McDonalds (now¬†that’s American), and plenty of snacks and panic. Nice to live in an Obama-friendly house!

So, all in all, I’m excited to make the most of my last weeks abroad (crazy how fast it’s going!) and explore and experience while I can. This Friday ASE is taking us an a day trip to the Cotswalds so expect a post this weekend about that!


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