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The Cotswolds and Cardiff

Posted by on November 11, 2012

Friday: ASE Goes to the Cotswolds

Admittedly, not my favorite ASE trip. Though this might have been in part due to being slightly hung over and not being able to sleep very well, it almost felt as though we spent more time on the bus than at the places themselves.

  • Stop One: Broadway Tower
    Broadway Tower was a neat stop.

    The best part was the view at the top of the tower where we were able to look out onto four counties!

    My friend Eliza also saw her first real life deer. An exciting day for all.
    After the tower, we walked a muddy downhill mile (slippery, too, there were quite a few casualties covered in mud by the end) to Broadway Village. Very lovely little place!
  • Stop Two: Bourton on the Water
    Bourton was our next stop and our lunch stop and by one we were all ravenous. Unfortunately we only had 45 minutes for lunch so we didn’t get to walk around too much, but we did discover that the “river” on the main street had Bourton nicknamed the “Venice of Britain.” As for lunch, we opted for fish and chips and oh was it ever the best choice. Yummmm.
  • Stop Three: Chavenage House
    Chavenage House was our last stop in the Cotswolds. Chavenage is an Elizabethan era manor house made of Cotswold stone which has Cromwell’s room and has been used for lots of films and television programs.

    What was really neat about it was that the family who owned it still lives there and this kind old man of the family gave us a tour. A was a bit too exhausted by this point to enjoy the long tour, but he was very witty, kooky, told some suggestive stories, and used a pointer to tap everything he showed us. It was neat to this this ancient house still lived in, with pictures of his grandchildren and hundred year old portraits in the same room.

    Then… it was tea time! I, of course, got coffee. And there were scones and we sat by the fire and ahhh, that was a good way to end the day. Plus their pets had free run of the house so we got to pet some pretty (and smelly) puppies!


Saturday: Caitlin and I go to Cardiff

My  housemate, Caitlin, and I decided to take a little day trip to Cardiff. We only had a few hours there and I wish we’d been able to see more. Might have to make a second trip! Definitely was not a wasted day. Cardiff was beautiful, it was a lovely day, and we really enjoyed the sights we got to see.

Strange thing about Wales is that Welsh appears to the ignorant English speaker to be, as Caitlin put it, a made up language. The letters do not fit in a way that makes sense to my brain, and looking at the language is so perplexing. For example, the word for ashtray… pft, who needs vowels?

  • Cardiff Castle
    Our first stop the castle and it was beautiful. I’m pretty much just going to post pictures to show all the wonderful things we saw. Highlights: war time tunnels, STEEP STEPS, veterans memorial, living quarters.

  • Our next stop was the National Cardiff museum, but we took our time finding it. We got lunch from a brat vendor but oh my goodness it was one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten! Mmm currywurst! Afterwards, we walked through some lovely parks.

    The museum was neat, although the Natural History Smithsonian would have put it to shame! Still, a fun browse to finish our afternoon.

    We were both exhausted from the afternoon and caught the next train to Bath. A great outing, and I’d quite like to go back and see Cardiff Bay and some of the other sights.

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