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Oxford Study Trip and Cardiff Bay

Posted by on November 19, 2012

This weekend was wonderfully busy with two trips (Sunday being dedicated to writing a paper).

Friday: Children’s Literature Study Trip to Oxford

Our first stop in Oxford was Christ Church College which I had already toured during our program’s trip to Oxford so I wasn’t very interested by the sights. Still, Oxford is a lovely city and the architecture everywhere is astoundingly… Oxford. Our tour guide wasn’t the greatest and unfortunately he had quite the odor emanating from him and he was a close talker.

Then we went for a delicious lunch at The Eagle and the Child, the pub where CS Lewis and JRR Tolkein would meet to discuss their writing. One of the doors was labelled Narnia! Great pub food and a nice sit down.

Our next stop was the Kilns, or CS Lewis’s home.

Here’s me in CS Lewis’s former living room!

I didn’t think I would enjoy the Kilns very much as I really did not enjoy the Narnia series at all due to its excessively¬†proselytizing¬†nature. However, I was really fascinated by our tour. Lewis’s house is under the care of an American society and is used to housed grad students studying Christianity who also give the tours. It was interesting to hear his journey into faith and how that related to his work and his relationship with Tolkein.

We followed our tour of the Kilns with a visit to CS Lewis’s grave in the yard of his church which featured a Narnia themed stained glass window. An enjoyable moment at his grave was when a fellow student exclaimed in surprise, “His name was¬†Clive Staples?


On Saturday a bunch of the girls that I’m friends with wanted to go to Cardiff. Luckily for me, they didn’t want to see any of the sights I saw. Instead they wanted to go to the bay, something Caitlin and I ran out of time to do. So that was our first stop!

First thing we saw was their visitor center… yeah. No joke. Also an opera house… but huge!

We then took a 20 minute boat tour of the bay on a cute little boat called the Daffodil! Nice way to see the sights and our captain explained a lot about the area and the sights.

Me and a few friends in front of the statue commemorating the explorer to went to the south pole… and froze to death on his way back. Here’s us being chilly!

When we left the bay we wandered around the Christmas market where I found the perfect study abroad souvenir! There was a great couple that carves coins from all around the world into pendants. I got a Welsh pound so it has the dragon. I love it!

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